Ambiente Readies Trend Worlds Showcase

With Ambiente 2019 set for February 8-12 in Frankfurt, Germany, the show is preparing its annual Trend Worlds exhibition.

The design studio Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano has researched the styles that will reflect the feel of the times for 2019, and will be showcasing those styles for Ambiente. To forecast such trends, the studio has been sifting through global developments in design, art and architecture, and also fashion and lifestyle.

“Every trend is based on a social development. It’s an attitude to life which expresses itself in new, rediscovered and modified shapes, patterns and also functions. It takes the form of valuable stimuli for buyers, though also for manufacturers, who can specifically prepare for the year ahead at Ambiente,” said Nicolette Naumann, vp/Ambiente.

The trade fair will also feature some exclusive guided tours and talks by the design studio, offering in-depth glimpses into the Ambiente trends. In addition, the Ambiente trends will also be featured on a dedicated website, where the results of the showcased trends will be illustrated by examples of products, materials and specific color ranges.

For 2019, the design studio has selected three thematic trends: Tasteful Residence, Quiet Surroundings and Joy-Filled Ambience. These trend worlds will be highlighted through the presentation of products from Ambiente exhibitors.

Tasteful Residence: It is a trend that stands for perfect craftsmanship and creates a comfortable, yet sophisticated atmosphere using specially chosen showpieces and unique items. Preferred materials are hardwood, leather and Bouclé, in addition to velvet, velour and porcelain. Other special highlights include colored glass and polished surfaces.

Quiet Surroundings: Soft colors and respect for the original material create a natural environment that is ideal for anyone longing for a stress-free, tranquil daily life. Combine natural materials such as wool, silk, hemp, wood, stone, clay and ceramics. There is joy in experimenting and applying traditional craft techniques. Recycling often plays a role.

Joy-Filled Ambience: A happy, colorful experience with bold combinations of colors and the charm of randomness from diverse materials and an eccentric mix of patterns. This refreshingly unexpected style for self-expression is dominated by botanical themes, geometric and oversized décor and vintage prints.