Ambiente Releases Ethical Style Guide

Sustainability is gaining more momentum, and this is reflected in Ambiente’s new Ethical Style Guide. The curated directory for 2020 features 340 exhibitors from 49 countries, all of them manufacturers who follow eco-friendly and socially responsible production standards.

“Classic consumerism is currently giving way to an increase in ethical consumerism. People want to feel positive about the things they surround themselves with, and this makes them more mindful and critical in their buying behavior. Moreover, they are usually well informed and ask about the origin, manufacturing method, materials and social responsibility associated with a product. But it also presents retailers with new challenges. It means deciding between recyclable solutions and fair trade projects as well as between good marketing and greenwashing: Which suppliers and which products are genuinely sustainable and in which areas? Answers to such questions can be found in the Ethical Style Guide,” said Nicolette Naumann, vp/Ambiente.

The special exhibitors’ directory, which covers all product groups, leads visitors to companies that make products under sustainable and socially responsible conditions, while also helping them to come to a better assessment of the products on offer. To assist the reader, the Ethical Style Guide has six clearly defined categories: Environmentally Friendly Materials, Resource-Friendly Manufacturing, Fair & Socially Responsible Production, Re/Upcycling Design, Handmade Manufacturing and Sustainable Innovation. The Ethical Style Guide will be available at Ambiente as a free booklet and can also be called up via the online exhibitor search. The tool is very practical, listing exhibitors by locations/halls and also by product groups. At the trade fair itself, Ethical Style stands are clearly marked as such so that visitors can find them easily.

Ambiente will take place in Frankfurt from February 7-11, 2020.