Ambiente Reveals Design Trends For 2016

At the 2016 edition of Ambiente in Frankfurt, Germany, the show will spotlight a presentation of the latest design trends in four themed scenarios: “artisanal gardening,” “futuristic couture,” “functional simplicity,” and “composing freedom.”

The trends, which have been identified by the trend bureau Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano, are inspired by recent directions in design, art, fashion and architecture. Trend consultants choose products of Ambiente exhibitors to be featured as concrete examples in Galleria 1 during the show.

The artisanal gardening trend is described as that with warm shades of late summer and original materials, natural materials such as clay and ceramic. It brings nature into the home to create a relaxed atmosphere for the living space that evokes both a hippie tradition and folklore, the company said. The trend also includes traditional processes, such as braiding, quilting, embroidery, carving, engraving and enameling and includes home decor items like vases, quilts and cushions. Macramé, patchwork and appliqué work can also be found in this trend.

For futuristic couture, innovative manufacturing technologies combine with traditional production methods to turn plastic, rhinestones, metal and neoprene into decorative and recyclable products as seen with glasses, lamps and jewelry. Developments such as 3D printing help further the trend, and shades of light green, blue, nickel and pink paired with sparkly elements create futuristic designs. 

Monochrome color palettes in white and gray tones create the functional simplicity trend. The focus of this trend often is on workmanship and highlighting the applications of materials. Glass, stainless steel, marble, concrete and rubber are popular materials and contribute to a sporty, relaxed and unisex look. Geometric forms, clean lines and micro textures create an aesthetic of symmetry that highlights the trend.

The fourth trend, composing freedom, is defined by strong, saturated colors and a bright color mix in the product design. Contrasting features are brought together to display combinations with an individual feel. Textiles such as artificial animal skins, polished metals, and spray-painted visual effects combine with embossed animal prints to create a design spectrum full of contrasts and what the company describes as colorful chaos and a carefree approach. 

Ambiente will be held February 12-16, 2016.