Ameriwood Transforms Electric Fireplace Furniture Approach

The Ameriwood Home division of Dorel Industries is producing dual-purpose TV stands that help it efficiently address the demand for electric fireplaces.

By maintaining the basic configuration of standard TV stands while providing a space to insert an electric fireplace, Ameriwood has doubled the SKU count of the combined segments without doubling inventory and warehouse space involved, the company said.

With winter approaching, electric fireplace demand will rise, and dual-purpose products will provide an inventory advantage, Ameriwood indicated. The two-application stand design will open warehouse space and cut down shipping time from import factories to warehouses in the U.S., providing a means of ensuring top selling item availability. The ability to ship product quickly when needed is crucial, and the option to marry standard TV stands with electric fireplace inserts removes a step in the assembly process.

The dual-purpose configuration will be the new standard for all Ameriwood Home fireplace TV stands going forward.

Already, Ameriwood asserted, e-commerce operators such as Amazon, Wayfair, and carry the dual TV stand/fireplace TV stand pieces. When they order the standard item, consumers receive the TV stand in one box. When they order the electric fireplace version, consumers also receive an electric fireplace insert, but in a second box.

“Being able to combine a TV stand with the fireplace electric insert was the natural next step in meeting high demand. Our fireplace TV stands sell all year, and we want to have plenty of options for cold-weather seasons. We have been able to offer consumers our most popular styles this way,” said Ray Toal, vp/e-commerce sales, Ameriwood.