Ameriwood Wall Bed Launch Serves Remote Work Lifestyle

Ameriwood Home is introducing a new line of wall beds under the Signature Sleep brand, a move the company says reflects growing demand for multipurpose rooms as more people work and learn from home.

To address all facets of the sleep comfort market, Ameriwood Home, along with its sister companies in the Dorel Industries portfolio, has offered a wide variety of products and will now round out the assortment with wall beds, the company noted. The new wall bed line launches with a queen-sized model in three top-selling colors that can be bundled with a Signature Sleep mattress or sold individually, according to Ameriwood.

A built-in gas piston system in the wall beds makes deployment and storage easy. The beds feature sturdy metal mattress frames, wood mattress supports and laminated manufactured wood cabinetry that make for a durable and attractive wall bed suitable in any room of a home.

Ameriwood is developing a full line of wall beds, the company pointed out, with daybed options and an expansion of looks for robust wall systems that will come complete with cabinets, nightstands, lighting and other associated elements The comprehensive assortment will compliment Ameriwood Home’s top-selling furniture collections so returning customers can complement already purchased items and maintain a preferred look throughout their homes. The roll out of the queen wall beds will start with a few selected e-commerce retailers as early as April, Ameriwood indicated.

“This is a category Ameriwood Home has been researching for a while, and now more than ever seems like the perfect time to provide consumers with flexible furniture,” Ray Toal, Ameriwood vp/e-commerce sales and marketing, said of the wall bed launch. “With Upwards’ recent marketplace survey stating that by 2025 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely, we knew that the way our consumers were living, learning and working was forever going to change. The need for multipurpose rooms will become a stronger demand as we adapt to these changes.

“Wall beds allow for a room to be an office, meditation zone or workout space by day and a bedroom by night,” Toal continued. “The new wall bed line also shows its worth for the micro-living trend that began pre-pandemic and is still going strong. The idea of gaining back space in a small area is vital for anyone with a loft or studio apartment. You get to enjoy the luxury of a queen-sized bed and stay true to micro-living with a small footprint by recouping that space when folding up your sleeping quarters.”