Anchor Hocking Posts Glass Bakeware Safety Video To Website

With baking safety tips for the holidays on its website, Anchor Hocking wants to underscore a 105-year commitment to safety in the kitchen. 
The safety video follows on a Consumer Reports article that details several instances when hot glass bakeware has shattered after experiencing thermal shock, or extreme temperature changes to the products. Consumer Reports conducted a year-long investigation that included testing of Anchor Hocking and World Kitchen’s Pyrex glass bakeware products. Both companies contend that glass bakeware is safe when used properly.
The almost four-minute video presentation provides guidance for using glass bakeware properly as well as showcasing benefits of the products.
“Our longstanding history as a household name brings us pride and a real sense of responsibility,” said Barbara Wolf, senior manager/marketing communications. “We encourage our customers to share these tips with their friends, as a helpful reminder about how to safely use our Anchor Hocking glassware products for years to come.”
The safety tips include:
• Never place hot bakeware on wet or cold surfaces, including countertops and sinks.
• Never add liquids to a hot dish.
• Clean with plastic or nylon non-scratch pads or cleansers intended for glassware.
• Never place on stovetop or under broiler.