Ankomn Offers Turn-N-Seal Vacuum Food Storage Containers

Ankomn, a company that markets new technology and ideas for the home essentials sector, has introduced Turn-N-Seal containers, a product line that features patented technology that generates a simple-to-activate vacuum seal.

The Turn-N-Seal lids pull air from each container with a turn of the wrist, according to the company. Once sealed in a Turn-N-Seal container, food can be stored safely for an extended period. To open the container, users press an indicator, which also is a release valve, to breach the vacuum and unseal.

Lids disassemble into component parts for ease of cleaning, Ankomn pointed out. Turn-N-Seal containers have a modular design in three sizes that allow for vertical stacking.

With a patent covering the North American market, Ankomn is introducing the Turn-N-Seal container line to the U.S. after an international launch.