Arc International Debuts American-Made Crystalline Stemware

Arc International, at the National Restaurant Show, unveiled an American-made stem and barware collection made from a new non-lead crystal formula.

The new material, being produced in its Millville, NJ, plant as well as in the Arques, France, facility, is called Krysta. According to the company, some benefits of the new crystalline formula are: it attains a 98.5 on the 100 point scale for visual clarity; it maintains scratch-free brilliance for more than 2,000 industrial dishwashing cycles; the collections feature rim thinness as low as .8 mm; it features seamless pulled stems and flat feet; a bell-like ring when tapped; and a lifetime warranty.

“The technology that has made European crystalline coveted and highly valued has now been mastered by our American production team, and consumers as well as restaurateurs can now have that same European quality at U.S.-made prices, with a significantly shortened supply chain,” said Fred Dohn, CEO of Arc International Americas.

The Krysta collection, featuring over 40 SKUs, will be officially launched to the retail market at the New York Tabletop Market this September, under its premium brand name, Chef & Sommelier.