ARC International Debuts Corona, Modelo Beer Brand Glassware

ARC International has debuted Corona and Modelo licensed glassware during the fall New York Tabletop Market.

The glassware collection will utilize graphics unique to Constellation Brands’ portfolio of beers— Corona Extra, Corona Light and Cerveza Modelo Especial.

“Arc International is thrilled to partner with Constellation Brands on developing a broad-based consumer glassware business for the Corona and Modelo brands,” said Tom Moleski, ARC’s director/marketing and product development.

ARC’s Corona collections use graphics from the brand’s iconic bottle, the newly redesigned can and signature campaigns such as “Find Your Beach.” Similarly, the Modelo collection reflects authentic brand imagery found on bottles and cans brewed since 1925. Both collections feature unique graphics from Modelo and Corona’s signature Dia de los Muertos campaigns.

The initial launch focuses on traditional pint and can shaped glassware, sold as open stock or in sets of four, with SRPs ranging from $5.99 to $29.99.

For more on ARC’s Corona glassware, and coverage of the New York Tabletop Market, see the Fall 2015 NOUVEAU in the October 12, 2015, issue of HOMEWORLD BUSINESS®.