Aroma Expands Multi-Cooker Selection

Aroma Housewares is touting convenience, portability, durability and multi-functionality in its new cookers, woks and other kitchen appliances debuting this season.

“More products will be focused on simple ways to make eating and drinking easier,” said Jim Haskins, vp/marketing and product development, Aroma Housewares. “Consumers are eating fewer traditional meals at the kitchen table, so companies are trying to deliver products that work better in a mobile environment. Products need to be portable— getting food to the ultimate destination is a key issue. More people cook at home and take food to family or friends, or social events. Millennials are driving this trend as they are more prone to gather on a regular basis for food sharing.”

Haskins pointed to the company’s new Portable Stock Pot as an example. The pot features extra thick forged aluminum construction and transports hot food safely with heavy duty clamps and sealed lid; a heat resistant carry bag is sold separately. The Portable Stock Pot comes in five-, eight- and 12-quart sizes with suggested retail prices ranging from $49 to $69.

The company is spotlighting multi-functional products. “More brands will try to introduce meaningful items that do more than one function,” Haskins said. “This is driven by smaller kitchens and less space for one function products.”

New multi-functional items include the 1-Pot Cooker, a 20-cup high heat rice cooker that can cook Spanish rice, white rice, brown rice, and perform most wok functions. Suggested retail is $49. Also new is the Bowl Cooker, a rice and pasta cooker that can also be used to steam vegetables; as an added bonus the user can eat directly from the bowl by using the included silicone heat-resistant sleeve. The Bowl Cooker comes in 12- and 20-cup versions; suggested retails start at $49.

Aroma also is featuring a 4-in-1 Glass Cooker, a 1.5-liter vertical unit that can be used for tea, eggs, yogurt and doubles as an electric kettle. The cooker features easy-to-use digital controls with large opening for easy cleaning and rack removal; suggested retail is $59.

Also new is a 5-quart Electric Wok that can stir fry vegetables as well as be used for braising, tempura and steaming; suggested retail is $49. Aroma also is highlighting a new 20-cup Rice Cooker/Multi-Cooker with a large glass lid for easy viewing and chrome accents. The cooker features 11 preset functions that include slow cook and steaming options; suggested retail is $59.

Durability is another important trend, and Aroma’s cookers are being constructed using a new non-stick coating, the company noted.