Art Of Shaving Introduces Power Brush System

The Art of Shaving has introduced a new power brush system and unscented pre-shave gel. According to the company, the two grooming products were designed specifically to combat ingrown hair and razor bumps.

The new system, when used in preparation for a shave, has been clinically tested to help reduce the amount of new bumps while reducing the occurrence of razor bumps, according to the company.

The power brush is a three-speed brush device for men. It features soft nylon bristles and water resistant thermo-plastic for use in the shower, and the spinning brush can be used with the pre-shave gel to gently exfoliate the skin.The pre-shave gel is said to create a thin layer of protection on the face and neck while decreasing any tug and pull while shaving.

“Good skin starts with good shave preparation. Modernizing this step of preparation through the power brush system allows us to meet men’s grooming needs with a new solution, clinically tested to reduce razor bumps,” said Todd Brisky, CEO, Art of Shaving.

The power brush system is available at Art of Shaving store locations and at the company’s website.