ARY VacMaster Part Of Effort To Make World’s Largest Rice Krispies Treat

ARY, Inc. recently provided their newly launched VacMaster Pro 160 machines and VacStrip bags for a project to make the World’s Largest Rice Krispies Treat for the TLC program Mega Bites.

Mega Bites, from Beyond Productions, the creators of Discovery’s Mythbusters, features a chef, food scientist and an engineer that work with a local community to create world-record-breaking supersized dishes of popular recipes. Each project will be part of a fundraiser designed to benefit the local community.

The first episode of the new series premiered Monday, June 7th,  on TLC. In this episode the community of La Canada-Flintridge, CA, joined together to build the World’s Largest Rice Krispies Treat to benefit the Children’s Art Program at the Community Center in La Canada-Flintridge. Volunteers included the high school football team, PTA moms and their children and the Fire Department.

Building the 10,000-pound Rice Krispies Treat involved a detailed process. ARY provided 2,000 VacStrip bags to streamline the process of melting the butter and marshmallows. Each of the 15” x 18” VacStrip bags was filled with one pound of butter and four bags of marshmallows and vacuum-sealed using ARY’s VacMaster Pro 160 vacuum suction machine, just released into the market this year. The bags were then heated to 200° F in large vats of water. This cooking method, called sous-vide or under vacuum, allows the butter and marshmallows to cook quickly, while also creating very little mess. After meltinh, the vacuum bags were opened and the sticky goo was combined with the cereal.

Dave Rausch, sales manager of ARY, Inc., provided Beyond Productions with advice and recommendations throughout the planning and was also on location during filming. He led the volunteers in vacuum sealing the 2,000 bags of butter and marshmallows. “This was a great experience,” Rausch said. “It was a chance to demonstrate the VacMaster Pro 160 in action, while benefiting the community of La Canada-Flintridge. I enjoyed working side by side with the volunteers.”