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New Infomercial Items For Spring 2018


IdeaVillage’s new Egglettes are silicone pods for making hard-boiled eggs without shells.

To use Egglettes, a raw egg is cracked and released into the stick-resistant silicone pod, which is then sealed and boiled. The thermodynamic design of the pod enables an egg to cook as it would if in its shell, according to IdeaVillage.

The cooked egg releases easily from the silicone pod, according to the company. Egglettes can be used to cook hard- and soft-boiled eggs, as well as mini omelets.

Egglettes retail at $9.99 for a pack of four.



Allstar Products’ new MagicBax earring lifters are designed to replace traditional post-style earring backs. The slightly elongated design of each MagicBax fastener provides extra support for a flush fit that prevents earlobes from sagging and earrings from drooping, according to Allstar.

Short-form infomercial support for MagicBax intensified ahead of the spring retail launch. The company also is testing a separate MagicBax infomercial aimed at younger consumers.

The hypoallergenic MagicBax lifters are priced to retail for $19.99 for a pack of four— one pair in sterling silver and one pair in 18k gold plate.


TeleBrands’ BulbHead division has unleashed the Bavarian Edge manual knife sharpener.

The Bavarian Edge uses two, independent, spring-action sharpeners made of ultra-hard tungsten carbide. The sharpeners flex and contour to any blade or angle to sharpen knives quickly, according to BulbHead. The Bavarian Edge can sharpen straight edge and serrated knives.

The initial Bavarian Edge sharpener is set to retail for $19.99. A step-up version— the Black Diamond edition— showcases sharpening-edges infused with diamond dust for enhanced performance. Offered in a chrome-black finish, the Black Diamond edition is set to retail for $39.99.

Ontel Products

Ontel Products’ new Chill Chest is a foldable insulated cooler for keeping foods and beverages cold or hot.

The “ice-less” Chill Chest features panels made from a durable plastic/foam combination designed to keep beverages and foods chilled or heated for hours, according to Ontel. The unit, equipped with side handles and flip-top lids, opens into a full-size (41-quart), lightweight (2-pound) cooler; and it folds flat for storage.

Ontel promotes several situations for using the Chill Chest: grocery shopping, tailgating, beach visits, picnics, parties, camping, hunting, fishing, boating and more. The Chill Chest also is handy for keeping foods frozen and fresh during emergencies and power outages. Chill Chest is set to retail for $39.99.

Top Dog Direct

Top Dog Direct is shipping Nerve Pain Away, a homeopathic spray designed to provide temporary relief of nerve pain in extremities often suffered by diabetic adults.

The product is formulated in the U.S. The infomercial campaign in support of Nerve Pain Away is set to mount through the year. Top Dog officials said diabetes-related nerve pain is often worse during the winter and early spring periods in cooler climates.

The retail package is offered at $19.95 for a 15-milliliter bottle.


Emson has moved its Gotham Steel ceramic-coated cookware brand into small appliances with the launch of the Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill. Like Gotham Steel cookware, the indoor grill’s grate features a titanium-infused ceramic coating said by the company to provide long-lasting, non-stick performance that stands up to metal utensils.

The aluminum grill grate features an embedded element that evenly heats the entire, large cooking surface, allowing grease and fat to drip into a cooling pan that minimizes smoking. The removable cooking grate, drip tray and base are dishwasher safe. Suggested retails range from $59.99 for the core model to $79.99 for a model with a titanium/ceramic-coated griddle insert.