As Seen On TV Gallery-New Infomercial Items For Spring 2019


The FastBall is a versatile mobile phone
holder for auto, home and office.

FastBall, retailing for $9.99, has a patented magnetic mount that works like a ball-and-socket joint. A steel ball mounts to most surfaces, and a magnetic disk sticks to the back of a mobile phone, tablet or case. The mount and disk work together to allow a mobile device to swivel 360 degrees so users can position it at any viewing angle, including horizontal.


The Flexible Mirror is an LED-lighted makeup mirror with a flexible extension arm that attaches via suction to larger mirrors and other smooth surfaces. The 7-inch-diameter mirror offers 360-degree rotation, three light modes and 10-times magnification. Suggested retail is $19.99.

Ontel Products

Turbo Pump is a device for transferring liquids— such as fuel and water— from one vessel to another.

Turbo Pump can be used for safe, clean transfer of gasoline from a storage container to a lawn mower; and to remove standing water from a washing machine.

Turbo Pump, which features an auto-shutoff feature, is set to retail for $19.99.


The NuWave Moxie vacuum blender removes excess air from the blending jar, which reduces oxidation and allows for faster blending.

The commercial-quality, 1,500-watt blender offers seven presets for drinks, smoothies, soups, sauces and nut butters. It also offers a self-cleaning setting. Ten power settings allow the blades to spin between 5,000 and 27,000 RPM. 

The Moxie blender is priced to retail for $249.95.

Products Group

Fresh Feet is a bathroom foot scrubber with a built-in pumice stone for cleaning and exfoliating. The scrubber, which attaches to a shower or tub base with suction, features firm outer bristles to smooth rough dry skin; soft inner bristles to gently massage tender areas of the foot; and a pumice stone for smoothing rough skin. Fresh Feet, with a $19.99 pricepoint, is infused with anti-microbial agents to prevent mold.