AT THE SHOW: Botvac Rolls As Neato’s New Generation Robot

Neato is injecting a little more animation into floor cleaning’s robot wars. The company is unleashing the new Neato Botvac Robot Vacuum line featuring, an automaton so intelligent that it can navigate and clean all the floors in a home without the owner having to lift a finger, the company asserted.

The new group of high-performance home robots is housed in bright white cases accented by a palette of on-trend accent colors, matched in product packaging that signals which of four different accessory packages sells with the cleaning device, the company related

Neato noted that Botvac’s brush is 50% larger than those typically found on other automated floor cleaning products, making it the largest such available on any robot vacuum. Designed to hug walls for better performance, Botvac cleans within 10 millimeters of vertical surfaces and includes a side brush to boost dirt-gathering efficiency even more.

The new generation Neato robot also has a larger easy-to-empty dustbin that holds more captured dirt, dander, pet hair and allergens, Neato maintained.

Patented Neato laser mapping technology aids Botvacs in planning efficient vacuuming patterns, Neato pointed out, while powerful suction helps them effectively clean up all kinds of debris including pet hair.

Neato’s Botvacs will enter distribution in mid April 2014 at suggested retail prices ranging from $479.99 to $599.99.