Atlantic Prepares Urban, Millennial Furniture

For the Winter Las Vegas Market, Atlantic is introducing the company’s new Millennial-focused ürb Space furniture collection.

The introduction will include more than 40 items scaled and styled for urban living. The products incorporate multi functionality by providing additional storage and other benefits designed to help consumers fit the furniture into their lifestyles, the company maintained.

For the market, Atlantic also is spotlighting the Urban Rustic Collection featuring distressed and solid wood planks in various shades with matching weathered finish metal frames and drawer pulls. The Caimi USA Collection features the Pegaso glass table with a natural, soft, sinuous form reminiscent of the liberty style.

“We are excited to share our new array of seating, shelving, coffee tables and accent furniture pieces. We have broadened this urban furniture line, incorporating storage and organization. We also have added several new items to our high-end, Italian-made Caimi USA line,” said Leo Dardashti, Atlantic president and CEO.