Auto Style Beds Rev Up Powell Juvenile Collection

Powell Home Fashions expanded a number of product ranges throughout its showroom and debuted a boutique display unifying a range of its Bombay licensed product, but perhaps the most colorful and certainly the highest horsepower presentation on offer for participants at last week’s Fall High Point Market was juvenile bedding. Building on its dune buggy bed series, the company featured a formula one-style juvenile bed that incorporated electronic features.

A remote control operated a string of lights on the red bed’s front. So, the bed comes with a built-in night light. A spoiler on the rear acted as shelving for storage and display.

Other juvenile products featured included a bunk bed in black with yellow railings and single girls bed  in pink with lavendar rails and canopy supports, as well as a white canopy with printed flowers. Both beds sported wheels and a Jeep-like grill.