Avant-Garde To Launch Kickstarter Campaign For Grill Pan

Avant-Garde Management has created a Kickstarter campaign for its flagship grill pan and will launch the campaign beginning on April 4.

According to the company, the cast iron cookware is a re-imagined hi-tech, urbanized skillet. The company said that the design has iron stamping on the interior, easy-flow drainage combined with high-capacity reservoirs to remove and keep all fat and grease outside of the grill’s cooking area, as well as ergonomically-shaped handles and strategically positioned spouts.

“We’d like to share our passion by enabling everyone to enjoy an open-fire quality barbeque, in any weather and anywhere,” said Max Melomed, one of the creators at Avant-Garde. “Two iron-stamped patterns we’ve selected for the first run are the Old Glory and the Mountain Springs. The symbolism moves us, as we’ve spent most of our lives in beautiful Colorado, once the Wild West and frontier of the country we love.”

The pan is available to early-bird backers on Kickstarter for $95, with a goal of raising $22,000 to start production.