BBQ Guru Intros Automated Barbecue Temperature Control

BBQ Guru, a supplier of barbecue temperature control systems has introduced a new item —the PartyQ— an automated temperature control system designed to achieve and maintain the ideal “low and slow” temperature for barbeque, according to the company.

“Simply put, we created the PartyQ to do all the hard work, so barbeque cooks won’t have to,” said Bob Trudnak, vp/sales and marketing for BBQ Guru.  “Best of all, they’ll wow family and friends with delicious barbeque that’s cooked more evenly.”

The PartyQ is comprised of three main components: a pit probe that clips onto the grill’s grate to precisely monitor temperature; a built-in fan that attaches to the damper controlling air flow onto the coals, and the central control, the PartyQ’s “brain”, that’s powered by high-tech circuitry to propel the fan.

The PartyQ is designed to automatically maintain optimal barbecuing conditions.  To operate users attach the PartyQ to their cooker or smoker, light the fire, set the desired temperature on its central control and start cooking. The unit’s exclusive and patented power-draft technology quickly brings the outdoor cooker or smoker up to target temperature. Then, it regulates the fan and delivers the precise amount of airflow onto the coals to maintain the chosen temperature with only the amount of lit charcoal necessary, according to the company.

The PartyQ sells for $149 and can be purchased directly through the BBQ Guru’s on-line store or through the company’s distributors.