Bed Bath & Beyond Campaign Spotlights Expert In-Store Advice

A new advertising campaign from Bed Bath & Beyond is taking a multifaceted approach to positioning itself as the home retailer who can help address an acute lifestyle issue: getting enough sleep.

In providing context for its sleep-focused marketing campaign, Michael Krueger, Bed Bath & Beyond interim marketing lead, told HomeWorld Business that the initiative is part of a broader effort intent to “modernizing our marketing model, which will continue to evolve over time.”

As for the campaign itself, he said, “We are excited to engage and educate our customers on our extensive sleep selection in fresh and compelling ways where they connect with media.”

The campaign features “Wake Up Happy” advertising that focuses on the company’s extensive selection of sleep solutions, slating its debut for January 6 across television, print, radio, digital and social channels, including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The advertising features an enthusiastic associate who presents a customer with sleep solutions so effective that the shopper wakes up in a Bed Bath & Beyond bedding display.

The retailer is running concurrent discounting to bolster its case for purchase, offering 20% off its entire stock of sheets, pillows, blankets, down/down alternative comforters, towels and related items, excluding UGG merchandise. The discounts run through January 16.

As part of the campaign, Bed Bath & Beyond identified four sleep personas and paired them with product solutions that will help customers achieve a better night’s sleep. On its website, consumers can find a campaign home page offering images of sleepers that identify and click through to products based on the personas, identified as:

  • The Popsicle. The sleeper who always is cold and constantly piling on more layers of socks, sweatshirts and bedding.
  • The Furnace. The steaming sleeper who dons light pajamas and pumps up the air conditioning but still can’t chill out.
  • The Knot. The contortionist who always wakes up with that “slept funny” feeling.
  • The Overthinker. The would-be sleeper whose brain lights up when the lights go out and finds slumber a struggle.

On the Bed Bath & Beyond website, the click throughs lead to listings of various relevant bedding products and a few related items, such as white noise sound generators. Those listings also include banner ads that click through to other product categories, including smart home.

“We are committed to serving our customers as the authority in the home,” Krueger stated. “As the market leader in the bedding category, we have identified the products that suit specific sleep personas, helping our customers get a better night’s sleep and improving their overall wellness.”

He added that Bed Bath & Beyond, essentially, wants to serve as a resource to help consumers feel more at home in their homes, “and getting a good night’s sleep is essential to that. This campaign creates a fun, emotional connection with our customers and communicates that we are the sleep experts and destination for everything they need to sleep better and wake up happy.”