Bed Bath’s New Store Concept Advances Online Integration

HYANNIS, MA— Bed Bath & Beyond has been experimenting with new store formats in conjunction with its ongoing investments in its e-commerce capacities, which has produced a unique store concept, here.

The store has been up and running for over a year and now has begun providing Bed Bath & Beyond not only with an updated layout that might attract more Cape Cod consumers but also a workshop for ideas that it can spread throughout the store base.

At the company’s annual meeting, Bed Bath & Beyond CEO Steven Temares said that the company is testing a range of elements in the store including fixtures, various display variations and, especially, links to the company’s virtual store online. By integrating the digital and show floor, Bed Bath & Beyond is looking for ways to display more product on the floor in lesser per-item depth, encouraging consumers to shop the company’s virtual store for the full range of product available in each category it carries and order for quick delivery.

“There’s a lot to be learned,” Temares said of the store. Temares added that Bed Bath & Beyond already is translating successful innovations from the Hyannis location into other stores. In cases where it can efficiently refit stores, the Hyannis influence could be especially great, but the company is applying new ideas developed in Hyannis in increments throughout the chain.

“For the most part what we’re doing is rolling it forward,” Temares said. “It’s very expensive to go back to over a thousand stores and to roll back a lot of these things. And the stores already are very productive and very profitable. But if the store is being moved, or if we’re opening up a new store, those are all opportunities to roll forward. A lot of what we’re doing from the experiential part of it, the new fixturing, the new merchandising, the new lighting, the showing more and carrying less, all those things, we are working on. We have technology in the store, product advisors, scan and more. The opportunity is on a go forward basis. But there’s little things you can do: little set up changes you can make, little signage changes you can make, scanning opportunities.”