Bergdorf Goodman Hosts Gien Design Exclusive

Gien is introducing a capsule collection of a dozen tabletop and décor items designed by Parisian ceramicist Brigitte de Bazelaire. The collection will be a Bergdorf Goodman exclusive through August 15.

The collection will be featured in a Cote d’Azur themed exhibition on Bergdorf’s home floor.

This is Bazelaire’s second collaboration with Gien. The design is said to pay homage and contemporize the Gien pattern Rouen 32, a pattern that dates back to the 1800s and features a blue and white color palette and ornate floral motifs.

The Bazelaire ceramic collection is Gien’s first series of all handcrafted tabletop accessories. Among the blue and white pieces are Japanese Potiche vases, Musee vases, a Cremona vase, trevise dishes, eared dishes, platters, candlestick holders and decorative eggs.