Best Buy Rolling Out Connected Home Department

Tapping into the wave of smart home product development, Best Buy is creating a new in-store Connected Home department with an expanded assortment of products to help customers understand and compare their options, as well as improve home security, save energy costs and simplify the management of their homes, according to the retailer.

Best Buy stated that the new departments are rolling out to more than 400 stores across the country by Thanksgiving. The space features more than 100 connected home products, from standalone devices to integrated and professionally managed solutions. The assortment features both established brands in home automation, as well as products from start-ups.

Smart home products and services for automation and security will include video monitoring such as security cameras and systems like Dropcam; smart thermostats from Nest and Honeywell; smart lighting from Philips Hue; smart locks with options from Kwikset; garage door accessories; motion, water, door and window sensors; smoke/CO2 detectors; automation/control hubs, light and appliance controls including Belkin WeMo; and energy monitors.

Best Buy also offers networking devices such as routers, modems and range extenders to help streamline the process as well as service and technology provider information. The retailer also noted that its Connected Home departments will have trained specialists in more than 200 stores who received additional training and completed an extensive certification process. Best Buy has also launched a connected home shop on its website along with a new connected home buying guide.