Best Buy Teams With Google Cloud To Improve Customer Experience

Google Cloud and Best Buy are expanding their partnership via a new, multi-year agreement that names Google Cloud as the cloud provider for Best Buy’s enterprise data platform.

Best Buy said it will leverage Google Cloud’s cloud infrastructure and analytics services to power a data-driven retail strategy to deliver newer and more personalized shopping experiences.

The retailer will work with Google Cloud to unify its data sources across various legacy platforms, and then run machine-learning and AI models against that data to build more personalized offers and recommendations for shoppers. Best Buy will then experiment with new products for customers, whether it’s unique services across channels, tailored rewards, or other experiences.

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and better understanding their needs will help us create new, more meaningful experiences for them,” said Brian Tilzer, chief digital and technology officer, Best Buy. “Partnering with Google Cloud and the impressive capabilities its platform offers will help make these experiences a reality.”