Beverage Evolution Riding Craft Movement Wave

NEW YORK— Coffee remains big business in the housewares industry.

The category, which has long been a fixture on the shelves and webpages of retailers, continues to grow as consumer coffee drinking habits evolve. Variety today is at the fore as consumers drink a broader range of coffee-related quality beverages at home and on-the-go perhaps more than ever before.

The annual Home Beverage Report looks at the craft coffee movement’s growth, and the rise of the specialty coffeemaker segment as vendors and retailers have stepped up their product development and merchandising efforts to capture growth opportunities.

In addition, this year’s report examines the glassware category, as producers strive to tap into sustainable manufacturing efforts as well as healthy living trends.

Hydration beverageware also remains a key category to watch, as the market puts a renewed emphasis on functions, technology and design, balanced with a range of prices, to drive the category forward.