BeWell Expands Connected Health Care Tool Portfolio

BeWell Connect, a connected health care tool manufacturer, has launched three connected digital health products in an effort to support at-home health care monitoring.

The MyTensio smart blood pressure monitor allows users to track their blood pressure daily and sync easily to the company’s companion app. It is said to help users monitor blood pressure over time. It carries a suggested retail price of $99.

The MyThermo smart non-contact thermometer allows users to monitor their temperature throughout the day, and is said to prevent contamination while taking an accurate reading. It carries a suggested retail price of $99.

The MyOxy smart finger pulse oximeter measures pulse rate and oxygen levels. It is wireless and noninvasive, the company said, and will connected through Bluetooth connectivity to the app. It is recommended for athletes and those with chronic respiratory diseases. It carries a suggested retail price of $109.