BJ’s Promotes Party Planning

A survey conducted by Wakefield Research for BJ’s Wholesale Club found that 65% Americans have attended a holiday party or gathering that ran out of entertaining essentials such as food, cups, plates, utensils, napkins or alcohol.

Whipping up a holiday party can be stressful, with 41% of consumers saying they find hosting a Thanksgiving dinner more stressful than asking their boss for a raise.

BJ’s is promoting party preparedness, emphasizing that it can be a one-stop shop for everything from serveware to beverages. The company asserted that customers can take care of holiday shopping needs at a low cost.

“Preparing for the holidays is no easy feat. That’s why we make pre-party planning and shopping as easy as possible for our members,” said Lee Delaney, evp/chief growth officer, BJ’s Wholesale Club. “Our wide assortment of fresh food, décor, supplies and apparel helps members conveniently shop for the best value and quality all in one, easy trip to BJ’s, saving both time and money.”