Black + Blum Expands Box Appetit Lunch Storage Brand

NEW YORK— Black + Blum is expanding its Box Appetit lunch box line into its own distinct brand at the summer edition of NY Now, held this week at the Javits Center, here. Box Appetit will showcase a cohesive range of products for adult consumers to bring their food and drink with them on the go. 

“There is so much potential for the lunch box category. There are a large number of people who eat lunch at the office or their desk. The adult market hasn’t been catered for yet,” said Dan Black, owner, Black + Blum. The Box Appetit brand aims to fill the gap between the lower and higher end lunch container options on the market, he added. 

Black noted that consumers bring their breakfast and/or lunch with them to work for many reasons: it saves them money, allows them to control their portions, and it allows them to bring food that fits their diet or does not contain ingredients to which they are allergic. He also added that from an environmental perspective, the line also eliminates food packaging waste, from plastic containers and paper bags to “fistfuls of napkins,” that are associated with taking out lunch.

In 2010, Black + Blum launched its first Box Appetit lunch box design under the Black + Blum brand. Since then, the range has grown with other designs. The company’s newest “modern retro” styled NY Now launch aims to grow Box Appetit into its own cohesive brand. Box Appetit will soon have its own brand website, where consumers can learn about the brand philosophy, function and care of the product, as well as recipes.

Box Appetit is the second brand statement that Black +Blum has made in 2015. Earlier this year, the company launched Forminimal, a clean, modern kitchenware range. 

“The main selling feature and how

we engage our customers is creating products that they enjoy using. If you’re making your lunch fresh in the morning or bringing in a leftover from a meal you took pride in making, you can take pride in what you eat. It’s all about ‘feasting, not feeding,’” said Black. 

He added that lunch boxes are often seen as a fashion accessory, so aesthetics is important. Unlike other food storage containers on the market, he noted that the Box Appetit aesthetic lends itself to both a self-purchase as well as a gift. 

The line gives consumers an alternative to the “standard milky polypropylene” food container. The boxes, although plastic, are made to resemble vintage pressed enamelware. The lunch boxes and bowls feature slider dividers to separate different food elements, while the lunch pot features a removable separation level. The range features four sizes of lunch box, two sizes of lunch bowl, and a taller lunch pot. 

The collection includes a cutlery case complete with 18/8 stainless steel spoon, knife and fork. It not only gives the consumer a chance to bring their own reusable flatware with them, but if they do not wish to wash it right away, they can place the flatware back in the case until they can bring it home to be washed. The flatware design also came from “vintage cutlery,” said Blum. 

Box Appetit’s water bottles also feature aesthetic details— a leather strap keeps the cap connected to the bottle but also steers away from the sports/camping aesthetic, said Blum, and into a more retro modern feel. 

He noted that particularly in the midst of a rushed modern day, it is even more important to slow down and create “a moment” with lunchtime. “You can get out of the office and go to the park bench, get away from your inbox. This was the reason for this vintage aesthetic, to hearken back to the good old days,” he explained.

The Box Appetit range includes products that suit many different types of foods that consumers would tote with them, such as a salad, a casserole, soup or a sandwich and chips. All of the lunch boxes are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe, and BPA free, according to the company. The line is anticipated to be available this September.