BlenderBottle Sets New Branding Initiative In Motion

BlenderBottle, known for its portable mixing bottles, has announced that it is redesigning the company branding with a new logo, color palette, packaging and retail displays designed to allow the company to expand into a broader product category, the company said. Product lines including the BlenderBottle Classic, BlenderBottle SportMixer, and the new BlenderBottle GoStak were also included in the overarching rebranding effort, according to the company.

BlenderBottle has partnered with creative agency Struck to rebrand the company and its products.

“We think of the BlenderBottle rebrand as a subtle, yet striking evolution of our existing brand,” said Steve Sorensen, owner and CEO of BlenderBottle. “We are pleased with how Struck was able to capture the overall BlenderBottle voice: fresher, sportier, and more solution-oriented, while still retaining the informal and approachable feel BlenderBottle’s large and loyal following has enjoyed.”

To serve as the new company logo, Struck designed a stylized illustration of the BlenderBall, a unique feature of the BlenderBottle.  

“We created a treatment for BlenderBottle that will enable an existing and beloved brand to evolve into a wider range of product lines and appeal to a wider variety of retailers,” said Daniel Conner, CEO of Struck. “The look and feel of the BlenderBottle brand remains consistent across a diverse offering of products, while showcasing the personalities of the different products themselves.”