BlendJet Preps For Retail Market Growth

NEW YORK— Two years after launching its cordless blender direct to consumers, BlendJet is now expanding its presence at retail with a forthcoming launch at a major chain.

While company officials said they were not ready to reveal which retailer would soon be carrying its product, BlendJet is no stranger to the retail world. The company currently sells its blender to QVC.

Currently, BlendJet’s assortment consists only of the BlendJet cordless blender. With a capacity of 12-ounces, the unit is said to produce 10-12 cups per charge. It is equipped with a 2000mAh battery that powers a five-volt motor and can be recharged using an included USB charger.

Made from BPA-free food-grade materials, the blender has a six-point stainless steel blade and is currently available in 14 colors.

BlendJet was developed out of an idea from Ryan Pamplin, the company’s co-founder and CEO. An entrepreneur who in the past had founded several companies in the digital ad space, Pamplin was recovering from a serious head injury at home when he thought about his next endeavor.

“I really wanted to do something that would help make the world better,” he said. “When I thought about the next chapter in my life, I didn’t want to help McDonald’s sell more hamburgers. I want to be healthy and wanted to do something that would help people live healthier lives.”

After teaming with John Zheng, the company’s co-founder and chief revenue officer, and Brian Zuk, the company’s director of operations, BlendJet was formed. Pamplin noted Zuk’s manufacturing connections in China were key to the company finding an overseas production facility.

The company’s early success caught the eye of Jen Selter, who serves as BlendJet’s global brand spokesperson. Selter is well known in the health and fitness world and in 2018 was named the World’s Fitness and Health Influencer of the Year by IAM Influencer Awards. She is also a co-owner of the company.

As BlendJet has grown over the past two years, the company has expanded its headquarters and warehousing operations located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

When looking toward the future, Pamplin said the company has a road map that will allow BlendJet to avoid being a one-hit-wonder. While declining to share specifics on what the future holds for the company, he pointed to products such as Apple’s iPhone as an example of how a company continues to refresh a product that is familiar to many consumers.

“We have certain things in mind for our next generation of products in terms of power and capacity of the BlendJet,” he said.