Blueair Raises Air Quality Awareness

In an effort to raise air quality awareness, Blueair has launched Air View, a free digital service that shows outdoor air hazards based on address.

The Air View service is said to allow users to see which particles and gases exist in the air at any address in the U.S., providing a 360-degree street view of the location on a desktop computer or mobile device. The street view of the service is generated by Google Street View. Users can click on various air pollutants to learn more about compounds such as sulfur dioxide, pollen and ozone, as well as learn how they affect their health.

According to the company, Air View uses data from monitoring stations all over the world, and the measured results are continuously updated. The service provides information from the nearest station on the levels of various air pollutants and evaluates the quality of the air in a particular area. The service can be accessed on the company’s website.

Blake Bobosky, evp/sales and marketing for Blueair North America, said, “Most people are unaware we breathe large amounts of harmful particles daily. We want to draw attention to what we and our children actually breathe every day in the hope we can help more people take initiatives for cleaner air.”

In addition, the company has also become a sponsor for the Respiratory Health Association’s Hustle Up The Hancock event, taking place February 26, in Chicago. During the event, more than 4,000 people will climb 1,632 steps to the top of the John Hancock Center to raise funds for lung disease research, advocacy and education.

As a sponsor, Blueair will provide clean air for climbers using its WiFi-enabled air purifiers at the observatory finish line, and air quality at the event can be viewed using the company’s Air View service.