Blueair, Gracious Home Team On ‘Breathe Smarter’ Shops

Blueair has teamed up with Gracious Home to develop shop-in-shop brand concepts for its air purifiers in two of the retailer’s New York City stores, the company said.

The company’s full air cleaner line will be presented in the Breathe Smarter in-store concepts at the Gracious Home stores at 1220 Third Avenue and 1192 Broadway in Manhattan.

A centerpiece of the presentation will be the Blueair Aware air quality sensor. The Aware is designed to work in symbiosis with the Wifi-enabled Blueair Sense+ HEPA filter equipped air purifier. Both the Aware sensor and Sense+ connect with the Blueair Friend app, an air quality monitoring tool detailing indoor air contaminants.

“The beauty of the Blueair shop-in-shop air purifier environments created by Gracious Home is that they provide shoppers an intimate brand experience allowing us to showcase our products and provide them a hands-on experience of just how clean we can purify their air,” said Herman Pihlträd, president of Blueair.

He said the appliance demonstrations in the Gracious Home Breathe Smarter in-store portals should give consumers confidence when buying Blueair’s latest technologies for removing allergens, dust particles, pet dander, germs and volatile organic compounds from the air.