Blueair Launches Digital, Social Media Campaign

Blueair has launched its first digital marketing and advertising campaign in the U.S. in a move to boost awareness of indoor air quality, the company said.

Initially running over a five-week period in Southern California metropolitan areas, the new digital strategy builds around a Breathe Smarter slogan designed to extend the appeal of the brand to a new generation of younger consumers. The campaign harnesses digital lifestyle ads that feature young women and men— and even a humorous eyeglass-wearing cat— in chilled-out situations on multiple SoCal-local websites, as well as Blueair’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media, to promote the health and wellness benefits that stem from purifying indoor air.

Blueair added that the campaign will feature simple story telling and uses images of Millennials enjoying Blueair’s air cleaner benefits in a series of compelling ways, carrying the tagline #Breathesmarter.

“We have developed a unique campaign that will reach, engage and entertain Blueair’s Internet savvy customer base using the Breathe Smarter approach in a humorous way,” said David Philmlee, Blueair U.S. marketing chief. “We want to reinforce the Blueair brand is for everybody. At the end of the day we want to bring Blueair to people who are naturally into a health and wellness narrative already as well as creating a ‘Wow, I didn’t know that’ wake up call.”