Blueair’s Blue Series Air Purifiers Rolling Out At Best Buy

Blueair’s recently launched Blue series of compact air purifiers are rolling out at Best Buy. The Blue by Blueair air purifiers includes the Blue Pure 411 and Blue Pure 211+, covering rooms from 161 square feet to 540 square feet.

The air cleaners feature 360-degree air intake, said to draw air in from all directions to filter out dust, pollen, smoke, allergens, viruses, chemicals and other airborne impurities. The units also feature one-button control and the LED button will also glow red when it’s time for a filter change. The exterior fabric pre-filters are available in five colors, and the units are Energy Star certified and said to operate at whisper quiet levels.

“The Blue purifier line is great for people looking for an easy at-home wellness upgrade and those affected by seasonal weather shifts,” said Robert McDonald, national sales manager, Blueair North America. “Some of the biggest Blueair fans report back to us that they bought the purifier for allergies and then found they’ve experienced other benefits, like sleeping better at night.”

The Blue air purifiers have suggested retail prices of $99 and $249. They can be found at select Best Buy stores across the country, including in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta and more.