BlueAvocado Reusable Lunch Bags Earn Green Good Design Award

BlueAvocado (re)zip reusable storage bags have received the International 2015 Green Good Design Award, recognizing the product for its sustainable design.

Green Good Design is in its seventh year as a specialized edition of the original Good Design program, which was founded in Chicago in 1950.

“We are honored to receive the International Green Good Design Award, because this is our company’s sole mission— to design products that inspire and preserve the earth we love,” said company co-founder and CEO Amy George.

“Like thousands of our customers, the design community is recognizing (re)zips for the practical innovation that could keep millions of throwaway disposables out of landfills and oceans around the world,” George added.

BlueAvocado’s line of patent-pending (re)zips offer consumers leak proof, lightweight durable storage solutions for needs from lunch and snacks to travel items and toys, the company noted. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from gallon to snack, zipper-top to double-lock seal. The (re)zip volumes offer portion control measurement for meal-prep and healthy eating habits, along with a gusseted stand-up bottom.