Bobsweep Launches Dustin Robotic Vacuum

Bobsweep has added to its smart home focused robotic vacuum line with the new Dustin model.

The unit’s navigation system is said to utilize technologies including machine learning to update its room map for optimal coverage, while a touchscreen interface, which lights up when it senses a hand above it, allows users to highlight portions of the map for increased attention.

The app connection allows users to schedule cleaning, customize a cleaning route, create digital walls and more.

The cleaner also features time-of-flight sensors, which are said to estimate an objects distance regardless of its reflectance in order to avoid collisions. In addition to a depth of field camera, smart tech software, network capabilities and photon-sensitive sensors, one version of the vacuum will include a floor steamer. The steamer is a detachable module consisting of a liquid reservoir that also mops.

The Dustin vacuum is said to be lightweight and compact, and also includes Bobsweep’s Block Plus accessory, which allows users to create two simultaneous invisible barriers, a sterilizing UV light, HEPA filtration and 1300ml dustbin.