Bomshbee Presents New Stemware Assortment

Bomshbee is presenting its new O-Stemware assortment.

The new stemware features super thin, long stems but are designed to be durable. The glasses are made of crystalline, lead-free glass. The assortment is available in O-Wine and O-Champagne styles.

The company has also released the Barrell Cup, for drinking beverages on-the-go. The cup is made of single and double-wall borosilicate glass to keep drinks hot or cold. It also comes with a silicone lid and grip.

“The craftsmanship makes it very special. Not everyone could do this,” said Anthony Lau, a Bomshbee founder. “We took almost a year to get this one right. When you know how these things are made, they’re impressive. People who know the industry will be wowed with the Barrell cup.”