Bopp Resigns As Crate & Barrel CEO

Crate & Barrel CEO Sascha Bopp, 44, has resigned after more than two years in that role, according to reports. 

No comment has been released as to why he has left. Bopp, the retailer’s third CEO in its history, had pushed the company’s international expansion and had grown the brand into eight new countries, with six stores open abroad and five under construction, the report said. 

Bopp joined Crate and Barrel in 2009 as its COO, and became CEO in 2012 after the retirement of the late Barbara Turf, who passed away from pancreatic cancer last month. Bopp previously worked as CFO at Primondo, a German multichannel retailer and holding company, the report said, and joined Crate & Barrel as the economy was recovering from the 2008 economic recession. Crate & Barrel ended its last fiscal year down 0.3 percent, according to its May 21 postings.