Boston Warehouse’s Liown Secures Patent For LED Candle Technology

Boston Warehouse has announce that its partner Liown Electronics, one of the world’s largest suppliers of LED flameless candle has secured United States Patent No. 8,789,986 covering moving flame candle technology utilizing LEDs. Boston Warehouse noted that it has been distributing Liown Electronics’ Moving Flame technology since 2012 as part of the Mystique series of LED candles and lanterns.

Boston Warehouse, in recent initiatives, has become an innovator in the world of LED moving flame candles through Liown’s now patented technology, the company said.

The legal confirmation of Liown’s long stated position as the original inventor and rightful patent owner of this moving flame candle technology will allow Boston Warehouse to expand sales and development efforts to support Mystique moving flame products sold in the U.S. marketplace, the company stated.  The Federal ruling clarifies Liown as the only company with moving flame technology patent protection in the U.S., Europe, and China, Boston Warehouse asserted.

 “We are very happy with the legal outcome and excited about the possibilities that our continued partnership with Liown will bring,” Peter Jenkins, Boston Warehouse president, said in the patent announcement.  “We will soon launch additional innovation in LED products to the market along with continued development in our Mystique candles and lanterns.”