Bodyfriend Releases Smart Massage Chair

Bodyfriend, a health and wellness technology company, has released the Rex-L Plus smart massage chair. The massage chair features smart functionalities, massage technology and a futuristic design, the company said.

The Rex-L Plus, for example, introduces a patented massage technique called brain massage. It has two modes: concentration and meditation. The concentration mode uses massage techniques that encourage the brain first to stabilize and then recharge. The meditation mode gives priority to stress relief, and then uses massaging techniques that result in deeper levels of relaxation, the company said.

Both options use music with binaural beats said to allow users to reach a deep state of relaxation and heightened concentration levels. Users can also wirelessly connect a music player and take full control over sound.

“Massage chairs are not just seating objects with mechanical functions; they have a bigger purpose. Rex-L Plus is a great example as it is not just a massage chair but a stylish relaxation and entertainment device for your home,” said Taek Kim, CEO at Bodyfriend USA. “With our latest addition, we are continuing to define the future of the massage chair industry and stretch the limits of innovation in design and technology.”

The company opened two showrooms in Los Angeles and said it plans to open an additional 140 stores by 2022.