Brabantia Ramping Up U.S. Brand Presence

CRANFORD, NJ— Brabantia is ramping up its operations in the U.S. with new trash and storage products that help consumers with tasks but that also contribute stylish looks to their homes.

The company, based in The Netherlands, has been operating in the U.S. for the past 15 years, but it was about three years ago that it began boosting efforts to enhance its presence in the American market in concert with a worldwide marketing initiative, said David Slater, Brabantia commercial director USA.

The company’s market reputation is substantial to its positioning in the market.

“Brabantia is known for beautifully designed, sustainable products that will last,” Slater said.

As the company currently celebrates its 100th anniversary, Brabantia continues on a mission to help consumers perform their everyday tasks effectively.

Hence, the slogan “Designed for Living.” However, Brabantia works to develop merchandise that is utilitarian and more, delivering design that provides stylish alternatives within the product segments in which it competes.

“People take pride in their homes,” Slater said. “We combine design with functionality to create timeless products that make chores more pleasurable.”

Brabantia approaches its product portfolio with the intent of providing trade up product to the market.

“We’re never interested in supplying something at the lowest price,” he said. “It’s fairly easy to enter at the lowest end, but retailers are not going to get rich from that kind of business. We like to add extra value at better and best pricepoints.”

The Brabantia product lineup includes laundry, trash, organization, cleaning, measuring and food storage items as well as a limited assortment of kitchen utensils and even a bathroom scale and food warmer.

The latest Brabantia product launches update its waste, countertop storage and organizational product lineups.

The Bo Touch Bin is a trash can designed for ease of use across a range of preferences. The product comes in either an on-the-floor, at about 26 inches tall, or high design on legs, at about 32 inches high tall. Brabantia established the heights and wide mouth configurations to meet consumer preferences, with elements such as soft-touch opening and closing.

Both Bo Touch models have a 60-liter, or just under 16 U.S. gallons, capacity but come with two bins for consumers with a need to sort waste, with a three-bin set up available, too. As an internal hinge secures the lid and the back is flat, the oblong-body trash cans have the ability to operate flush against a wall, saving space. To fit in with various room aesthetics, the Bo Touch Bin comes in matte steel, matte black, mineral concrete gray, white, platinum, passion red and mineral golden beach. The Hi Bo Touch Bin comes in matte steel, matte black, mineral concrete gray and white.

In a nod to the company’s century-long history, Brabantia launched the Patrice collection as a throwback 1970s design with an orange core color and a flower pattern across each product. The line includes a Patrice variation on the Hi Bo Touch Bin, in a 34-liter or 9 U.S. gallon size, a 30-liter, or 8-gallon cylindrical pedal bin, a bread bin and a set of small storage canisters, each 1.4 liters or about a third of a gallon.

The Linn collection features a clothes rack that can serve as an open wardrobe in black and white, with a bamboo cross pole at the top and two adjustable-height shelves, as well as four sets of aluminum clothes hangers in black and silver.

Brabantia is a strong brand name in Europe, Slater said, and the company intends to build up the label here by emphasizing both the utilitarian and aesthetic aspects of its design. As part of that process, Brabantia has been advancing its market presence in the upper end of the mass market including in specialized and department stores, and has begun working to expand in the independent store channel.

The company is doing so while pressing to apply and communicate its environmental principles, which appeal to many younger and, in general, educated consumers.

“We’re working towards 100% product recyclability and emphasizing sustainability in design,” Slater said. “We want consumers to be able to use the products for as long as they want to, have long guarantees and what is often regarded as excellent customer service.”

Brabantia has a social media presence on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, where it is touting its 100th birthday celebration among other initiatives including the ease with which its Bo Touch trash containers allow consumers to separate waste. The company-wide emphasis on sustainability and the environment is critical to its market position. The company’s website even provides recommendations on how to cut plastic waste.

Slater added, “The product has to work well. But we’re emphasizing sustainability in design.”