Bradshaw Home To Introduce New GoodCook Kitchen Tools

Bradshaw Home will introduce new kitchenware from its GoodCook line at the upcoming IH+HS, to be held March 2 to 5 in Chicago.

GoodCook’s new Produce Wedger features stainless steel blades that are said to slice pitless fruits or vegetables into six wedges. The base is designed to guide the blades completely through the fruit, while the elevated handles keep knuckles from hitting the counter.

The company will also introduce the GoodCook Garlic Press & Peeler. The new tool is designed to mince garlic by pushing the cloves through a stainless steel plate, with soft touch handles and an angled design.

The peeler features a built-in skin removable platform to press down on the clove to release the skin, similar to using the flat blade of a knife. The garlic press and peeler produces smooth garlic pulp for full bodied flavor, with less need to touch the garlic, the company said. It has a suggested retail price of $7.99.