Bradshaw To Showcase T-fal Kitchenware At Hardware Show

Bradshaw will showcase its T-fal assortment of kitchen tools, gadgets and bakeware at the upcoming National Hardware Show. The housewares will be showcased in the company’s Butler booth.

Steve Burgoon, vp/sales and marketing for Bradshaw’s T-fal portfolio, said the T-fal line allows the company to offer enhanced tools with features and benefits that consumers are looking for in “better” products. He added, “The brand and products allow us to build on our core Good Cook brand and offer a wider selection to the retailer and consumer.”

The T-fal Ingenio line of kitchen tools and gadgets includes a tripod strainer, five-second chopper and multi-grater. The tripod strainer (MSRP $9.99) is a professional quality, stainless steel mesh strainer. It includes a red lever that acts as a stand.

The five-second chopper ($22.99) features two independent blades that provide efficient and progressive chopping. It is suitable for fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, meats and for making salsa and purées.

A multi-grater ($16.99) features etched blades that provide grating in both directions. Users can grate directly onto food or fill the unit and pour ingredients directly onto a dish from the top of the grater. 

In bakeware, the T-fal AirBake line includes a natural medium cookie sheet, non-stick medium cookie sheet and non-stick large pizza pan. The natural medium and non-stick cookie sheet and the pizza pan carry MSRP’s of $12.99, $14.99 and $14.99 respectively. 

Burgoon said the company is aiming to expose its T-fal lineup to gmm’s, dmm’s and category managers from the hardware retailers in attendance. “With four categories of T-fal products in our portfolio we are presenting our products with the broadest consumer appeal. We hope that retailers see the opportunity to cross merchandise and cross promote our T-fal ranges with their successful T-fal cookware programs,” he said.

He added, “Our expanding T-fal ranges and new licenses in Black and Decker and Emeril Lagasse provide us with more firepower to fill distribution voids at critical pricepoints and quality desires for the retailer.”