Braz Showcases Cord Caddy At IHA Affordable Innovation Event

Braz Enterprises showcased its Cord Caddy at last week’s Affordable Innovation event, hosted by the International Housewares Association. The Cord Caddy is designed as a practical solution for tangled electrical cords, especially for frequently used household items such as hair dryers and styling devices, or for electronic or lamp cords.

The Cord Caddy is a flexible tube that holds an electric cord when not in use or part of the cord not being used. On handled appliances, such as irons, because it is flexible, the Caddy can squeeze into a handle, neatly keeping the cord in place during storage. In addition, the Cord Caddy comes with a clip that fits on cords and attaches to the tube, ensuring it stays attached to a device when the cord is in use. The Cord Caddy has a suggested retail price of between $3.99 and $4.99, according to Braz Enterprises.