Brentwood Brightens Kitchen Appliance Assortment

Brentwood Appliances is bringing a burst of color into the kitchen with its new line of small appliances featuring both trendy and retro colors, including pastel blue, passion red, pearl white, matte black, rustic copper and stainless steel.

“We’re showcasing over 20-plus new appliances featuring a beautiful pastel blue,” said Beni Panahi, vp/Brentwood Appliances. “Product families of this color include breakfast, blending and mixing, and summer treats. Brentwood has received fantastic feedback regarding our expansive and diverse line of pastel blue appliances. Aside from being an iconic color of the ‘50s, pastel blue continues to communicate a soothing, peaceful mood. End users proudly display their diverse collection of unique pastel blue appliances within their homes.”

He added, “Along with our collection of pastel blue appliances we’ll be displaying our metal diamond and scallop pattern slow cookers in various colors including matte black, pearl white, passion red, premium stainless steel and rustic copper.”

Featured products include the Diamond Pattern Slow Cooker, a 3.5-quart unit offered in a diamond exterior pattern, available in pastel blue, matte black, copper and stainless steel. The unit features three heat settings, a lead-free inner ceramic pot, cool touch handles and tempered glass lid; suggested retail price is $39.99.

Other new items in the Pastel Blue Breakfast Collection include an Electric Egg Cooker, which can hold up to seven eggs and produce soft-, medium- or hard-boiled eggs, poached eggs, or quick and easy three-egg omelets; the unit also can be used to steam vegetables and features an auto shut-off with buzzer. Suggested retail is $24.99.

A two-slice Retro Toaster rounds out the Pastel Blue Breakfast Collection and includes seven shade settings; extra-wide slots for bagels and more; defrost, reheat and cancel buttons; a cool touch housing and easy to clean crumb tray; suggested retail is $29.99.