Brita Launches Filter For The Future Program

Brita is launching the Filter for the Future program in collaboration with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, which pledges $1 from the sale of any Longlast filter or product to provide schools across the country with Brita Hydration Stations, water-filtering stations that reduce lead and other contaminants from drinking water.

“As an athlete who believes water is the best beverage, and as a parent who is interested in making sure our schools and our planet have the best possible resources for the future, I am proud to partner with Brita and hope to start a ripple effect of support,” said Stephen Curry, Brita spokesperson.

The Oakland Unified School District is the first recipient of a Filter for the Future grant. Lead was identified in the water in Oakland schools in August 2017 and since then the OUSD has replaced impacted fixtures and faucets throughout their district, while keeping their commitment to reducing bottled water waste. The Brita donation has placed 12 hydration stations in schools throughout the city.

“We created this program to make it easier for schools to provide water that supports kids’ health today, while offering a sustainable solution,” said Tad Kittredge, director of marketing, Brita. “But we can make a greater impact with the help of others. By simply reaching for a filter on the shelves, and a pitcher from the refrigerator people can be part of this solution. We will do the heavy lifting from there.”