Brochette Express Launches Kabob Prep Tool

Brochette Express is launching a kitchen tool under the company name that is designed to make skewer preparation faster and easier. The tool, made in the U.S.A., can be used with meats, fruits and/or vegetables.

Inspired by the need to create a large number of kabobs for grilling at social gatherings, the Brochette Express offers solutions for stacking contents, inserting skewers and cutting the pieces that then create 16 kabobs ready for the grill, the company said. The piece consists of three pieces, a base, body and top.

“The creation of the Brochette Express is the culmination of a process that took several years from conception to production,” said Constantino Trimarchi, co-creator of the Brochette Express. “We wanted to create something that would allow people to spend more time with their family rather than in the kitchen, and ultimately focus on the delicious food prepared.”

The product currently has a kickstarter campaign with a $30,000 goal.