Brooklyn Bedding Debuts Sustainable Hybrid Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding is launching the EcoSleep Hybrid mattress as a sustainable and flippable sleep solution that also is affordable for its market segment.

Manufactured in the U.S. and launching with a starting price of $899, the EcoSleep mattress combines Forest Stewardship Council certified, natural latex layers with a quilted cover of Global Organic Textile Standard certified organic cotton and Joma wool, according to the company. As a hybrid mattress, the product incorporates two  sleep systems: latex foam layers on either side of the mattress allow sleepers to customize their comfort while individually encased while recyclable coils in the core of the mattress deliver deep compression support.

“The development of the EcoSleep Hybrid is based on a trifecta of customer benefits, providing a mattress that’s sustainable, flippable and affordable,” said John Merwin, Brooklyn Bedding owner and CEO. “While there is high demand for eco-friendly products, many of the current sleep solutions on the market are cost prohibitive. We wanted to ensure an approachable pricepoint for a mattress composed of a number of natural, certifiable materials. We also recognized that latex is available in more firmness levels than any other foam material. We leveraged that adaptability to create a two-sided mattress that addresses all sleep positions as well as comfort and support preferences.”