Brooklyn Bedding Launches Ascension Adjustable Base

Brooklyn Bedding has launched the Ascension Adjustable Base online as an ergonomically designed product that can customize comfort for consumers as they sleep, work or lounge.

The adjustable base is one of several new sleep accessories added to the Brooklyn Bedding online assortment. The company said it expanded its web-based product presentation to create a more holistic sleep system.

The Ascension Adjustable Base features dual motors that manipulate both the head and foot simultaneously. It uses a wired remote control coupled with its deck-to-deck design, to help sleepers position the mattress closer to their body contours.

“Our primary goal in launching the Ascension Adjustable Base online was to create a more customizable, more comfortable in-bed experience for our customers,” said John Merwin, Brooklyn Bedding owner and CEO. “The growth of adjustable bases as a category is really a reflection of our evolving lifestyles. There are certainly health benefits associated with elevating the head and feet during sleep, but people are increasingly looking for better support than ever while working and lounging in bed.”