Brooklyn Bedding Shifts To Medical Mattress, Mask Production

Brooklyn Bedding has shifted production to aid hospitals and others in the COVID-19 pandemic by providing mattresses and masks.

In March, Brooklyn Bedding began transitioning portions of the cut and sew areas in its Arizona factory to develop a mask prototype for essential workers. The company received its first contract to produce masks from the state of Arizona on April 4. Brooklyn Bedding has received more than 100,000 mask orders from a variety of industries, including banks and utility companies.

New mattresses being produced for hospitals are a variation on a product the company developed for truckers, Brooklyn Bedding noted. A proprietary vinyl cover with creased corner seals resists liquid permeability in a mattress with dual comfort and support foam layers incorporating CertiPUR-US certified foams for patient health and safety. Brooklyn Bedding’s roll pack processing allows for bed-in-a-box delivery directly to hospitals and government agencies in need.

The mattresses that Brooklyn Bedding is producing for hospitals today, the company pointed out, are based on a development that began 16 years ago when Knight-Swift Transportation approached the company to develop a unique solution for truckers who were using standard mattresses to help soak up diesel fuel spills in crisis situations. Brooklyn Bedding developed the proprietary vinyl and creased corner seal construction for sleeper cab beds. The company designed the mattress for use in conjunction with a cotton cover that could absorb up to 60 gallons of diesel fuel.

“We’ve long produced mattresses and sleep accessories for the largest dotcoms in the nation as well as our own retail channels,” said John Merwin, Brooklyn Bedding owner and CEO. “We had doubled our production capacity just last year. We found ourselves in a unique position in mid-March to help Americans, to provide viable solutions, at this very critical time in our history. The demand for masks has been so high we’ve been able to hire back a second shift of employees, to keep the factory up and running aside from continuing to produce mattresses. It’s been gratifying to see our employees come together under these unique circumstances, and to be able to help so many— particularly within our home state of Arizona— get the personal protective equipment they need.”